About Us

How we started

 In late 2011 we had been asked "again" if we would consider building a mobile shower trailer for use on a friend's Bike tour. We had been volunteering as Ham Radio operators on the week long tours and had become good friends with the owners. We were touched on the last tour of the year when a young man, maybe 9, did not want to take a shower with the adults in the showers provided. My wife and I said," we can do better". I was laid off at the time because of a work related illness and needed to find a new line of work.

My wife and I have four boys. The oldest two are adopted and have special needs. I love spending time with them when I am off work and want to do something that lets me spend as much time with them as I can. I ride motorcycle and have an old Goldwing. It's my cruiser when I just want to ride or hook up the camper and go for the weekend. I also serve as the emergency coordinator for the county ARES/RACES group, a ham radio emergency group. My wife and I are both amateur radio operators and my wife still volunteers on the bike tours we service with the showers.

After lots of prayer about what to do, we moved forward with the plans. Late 2011 we found a trailer to start with, but after the deal was made the first seller backed out. The second trailer we found was in better shape than the first and the owner, a former coworker, needed the room. We were also blessed to find close-out doors on sale, saving us lots of money on the trailer. The Lord told us to build it and he has helped us out along the way.

How we started in Event rental
Shortly after starting to build the Shower trailer A rental store I had worked for was going out of business. We made the decision to try to buy there tent to keep them in the area. We got the OK from the bank for the loan and Thunder Showers Event Rentals was born. Since that time we have added more tents, Tables, Chairs, More Inflatables, and keep adding items every day. We now even offer Loader backhoe and Mini Excavator with operator by the hour. Why with operator? The simple fact that every machine is different and there is at least a four hour learning curve when learning a new machine. These are high priced machines and take skill to operate and your time is better spent with what ever you need the digging for.

Where did Thunder Showers Come from?
With the time spent in prayer the name came to me. Thunder was the name of a good friend who had passed away. Thunder was an LED installer at motorcycle rallies. He had touched my soul with his love for God and helped me through some tough times in my life and marriage. Even though he is gone, I hope to one day be able to share God's love with people I meet without making them feel out of place the same way he did 

Where we are now

We keep adding more thing all the time and keep growing.

If we don't have it we can get it

Over the years we have made several friends in the business. Through these partnerships we can get any specialty items you need.