Rental Ready Service Center

Tables Restoration

Tables from a Chicagoland area.

First step. Chip filling

Chips and scratches filled. Once sanded they are filled a second time because of shrinking filler. Final sanding to get them ready for paint or varnish. 

Final finish

Final finish can very. These ones got primer, Two coats of tan paint, A custom mossy green wood grain, and finished off with two coats of varnish. This gives them a one of a kind farm table look.

Dunk tank Restoration

This dunk tank came to us from an online auction site. The damage was hidden and not listed in the sale.

During repair

Tube replaced with stainless and rust repaired.

Finished frame

Frame repainted before reinstalling the tank. New window installed in tank along with new trailer wiring.

Inflatable cleaning

This inflatable was at a farm. farmer shut it off in the rain even after being told not to. the free range animals made a mess of it.

We can handle it

We have a state of the art cleaning and sanitizing area. Complete with a foam washing system. Our indoor drying area can handle it no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Like it never happened

As clean as new. Within days it was ready to be used again.

Custom wood look to anything

This barrel bar top is made out of a plastic folding table top. We can add wood graining to almost any surface.

Light it up

We have specialized in lighting things up for years. From Motorcycles to this ice mold. We can make it glow.